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From Skardu we drive to Askole, where our team of porters loads up for the trek. On the first few stages we cross the snout of the Biafo Glacier, and negotiate the narrow trails above the Braldu River, before ascending the lateral moraine to the Baltoro Glacier. Ascending the glacier we gain unrivalled views of the Karakoram.
With the option of stopping at non-traditional campsites wherever possible, we move along the surrounding rock spires, granite towers. Occasionally on and off the Baltoro Glacier itself, we reach Concordia, from where we have the most spectacular view of some of the World's greatest giants like K2 (8616m), Broad Peak (8048m), Gasherbrum II (8035m), Gasherbrum IV (7925m), Chogolisa (7665m) and Golden Throne (7240m).
Baltoro Concordia Trek has been a highlight for trekkers, and has allowed thousands of the adventure lovers to enjoy the magnificence of the Karakoram. The route follows Braldu River up to Baltoro Glacier, a 65-km long highway of the ice.

Day 01.  Islamabad

Arrive Islamabad. Transfer to hotel. Welcome reception (briefing) at Alpine Club of Pakistan. Overnight at hotel.

Day 02.  Skardu / Chilas

  1. Fly to Skardu (Flight is subject to weather). Upon arrival transfer to hotel for overnight.
  2. In case of cancellation of flight (11-12 hrs) drive by coach to Chilas (480 km) on Karakoram Highway. Overnight at hotel

Day 03.  Chilas / Skardu

  1. Day free at Skardu
  2. If you are driving, complete road journey (07–08 hrs) to Skardu (275 km) En-route have good view of Nanga Parbat (8125m) at junction of Indus river and the rapids and fall of Indus Overnight at hotel

Day 04.  Askole: (3000 m)

By jeeps drive to Askole (8-9 hrs). The last village of about 50 houses. The villagers grow their own cereals, vegetable and fruit and own large herds of sheep’s, goats, yaks and dzos. Overnight in tent

Day 05.  Jhola: (3200 m)

Start 2-3 hours, walk across wasteland and traverse Biafo Glacier, a tortured Ocean of moving boulders and crevasses 2 km wide.  Cross the glacier and after a lunch break continue to Jhola (4 -5 hrs). Cross-Dumardo River Bridge and camp at rather dusty campsite surrounded by a few bushes with a side stream.  Overnight in tent

Day 06.  Paiyu: (3600 m)

Start on a relatively easy trail for 3-4 hrs. Crossing Bardumal campsites along a 2-km stretch of sandy river beach. After a lunch break continue towards Paiyu for another 2-3 hrs. Trail climbs to a Vantage Point providing view of the Snout of Baltoro. And in the far distance a magnificent Panorama of Cathedral Towers and triangle of K2 to the left for the first time. Paiyu is a crowded campsite. Overnight in tent.

Day 07.  Paiyu: (3600 m)

Traditional rest day at Paiyu .  Overnight at tent.

Day 08.  Khuburtze: (4000 m)

Start for a 5-8 hrs. Gradual climb up Baltoro Glacier on the southern edge. After about two hours the path divides at the snout of Baltoro glacier where the left branch goes to the BC of Trango Tower and the Sarpo Lago pass. Continue to the right climbing up on to the glacier that stretches up the valley 62 km long and 2 km wide. Further 2-3 hours steady climb on a long diagonal to the other side. Follow the southern edge to Liliwa and onward to Khuburtze lovely walks for about 90 minutes to the campsite and with clear water. Overnight at tent.

Day 09.  Urdukas: (4200 m)

4-5 hours lovely walk mostly along the crest of lateral moraine with stunning views of Paiyu Peak, Chorichi, Uli Biaho, Trango Towers and so on. Urdukas is a spectacular campsite. However like Paiyu this site is over used and polluted. Overnight at tent.

Day 10.  Goro II: (4500 m)

6-8 hours walk on the glacier. The first hour walk is across difficult side crevasses, however the way is smoother and easy in the center. Continue for 2-3 hours to Goro-I opposite of Yermanendo Glacier falling down from the Mashebrum pass. For the next 3-4 hrs continue east up the Baltoro glacier. Following telephone wire from army HQ Goro to Gasherbrum IV. Goro-II campsite is pitched on the rough stones and ice in the center of the glacier with water from the glacier melt. Overnight at tent.

Day 11.  Concordia (4700 m)

5-6 hours slightly easy walk, with spectacular views and gigantic mountain panorama, including Muztagh Tower, Gasherbrum IV, Mitre Peak and the mighty K-2. Camp at Concordia named by Martin Conway after the place De La Concordia in Paris. Overnight at tent.

Day 12-13.  At Concordia: (4700 m)

Two days free for local explorations and optional excursion to K2 BC. Overnight at tent.

Day 14.  Trek back to Beyonge. (6-7 hrs). Overnight in tent.

Day 15.  Trek to Khuburtze. (6-7 hrs). Overnight in tent.

Day 16.  Trek to Paiyu. (5-6 hrs). Overnight in tent.

Day 17.  Trek to Jhola. (5-6 hrs). Overnight in tent.

Day 18.  Trek to Askole. (6-7 hrs).  Overnight in tent.

Day 19.  By jeep drives to Skardu. Overnight at hotel.

Day 20. Islamabad / Chilas

  1. Fly to Islamabad PK-452 (11:20 – 12:20) (subject to weather conditions) upon arrival transfer to hotel.
  2. In case of flight cancellation drive to Chilas. Overnight at hotel.

Day 21.  Islamabad

  1. Leisure day at ISB
  2. In case of driving, complete road journey from Chilas to Islamabad. Overnight at hotel.

Day 22.  Fly Out

Farewell reception at Alpine Club of Pakistan. Transfer to airport for your return flight home.